No One Prepares You for The Transition from Mama to Bruh Sweatshirt

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About this product:

  • Comforting coziness: Made from ultra-soft fabric, our sweatshirt feels like a warm, reassuring hug during the rollercoaster of motherhood.
  • Sarcastic chic: Effortlessly style with jeans for a casual look or leggings for those extra demanding days with your kids.
  • Relaxed fit for ease: Designed to keep you comfortable while navigating the "Mama to Bruh" transition with grace and humor.
  • Size range for all: Available in sizes S-XXL, ensuring a perfect fit for Moms of all shapes and sizes.
  • Effortless care routine: Keep your sweatshirt looking fresh by machine washing cold, inside out, and tumble drying low.

Introducing the "No One Prepares You for The Transition from Mama to Bruh" Sweatshirt – a hilariously honest nod to the reality of Motherhood, because who knew it would be like this, right?

As your little angels morph into sarcastic teenagers, you're left wondering where the time went and how "Mama" turned into "Bruh" overnight. Our statement sweatshirt is here to help you wear this unexpected transformation with humor and a touch of sass (because, honestly, you need it).

Made from fabric so cozy it's like being wrapped in a big, comforting hug (which you might need when dealing with your teen's eye rolls), our sweatshirt keeps you warm during those moments when you're equal parts proud and baffled. The relaxed fit ensures you stay comfortable while navigating the rollercoaster of motherhood.

Dress it down with jeans for a casual look or pair it with leggings for those days when you need a little extra self-care.

Size guide LENGTH (cm) WIDTH (cm)
S 68.6 50.8
M 71.1 55.9
L 73.7 61
XL 76.2 66
2XL 78.7 71.1
3XL 81.3 76.2
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